Kurtz Ranch
Performance Quarter Horses

The Kurtz Ranch is a cattle and horse ranch located in the beautiful Elk River Valley north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This is an area of lush meadows, rugged mountains, and deep snow. Our horses are raised outside, where they travel over a variety of terrain and are exposed to temperature extremes. As a result, they are healthy, hearty, and adaptable.

Our goal at the Kurtz Ranch is to produce beautiful, versatile horses that combine cow sense and athleticism with a great disposition. We believe versatility is what the Quarter Horse is all about. We want our horses to be able to perform as well on the ranch or trail as in the arena.

We hope you find something you like on our website, and invite you to visit and check out our horses for yourself.


Sale Horses

We usually have a variety of horses available for sale, ranging from weanlings to finished horses. We also occasionally have a bred mare for sale. Please let us know what you are interested in and hopefully we have something that fits your needs.


We have a select group of mares that are either proven producers or performers. We are continually adding new mares when we find an outstanding individual that fits our goals. We feature top bloodlines from many of the best families in the breed. 

Ranch Happenings

Stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings at the ranch. While every day on the ranch may not be newsworthy, we invite you to follow along as we share everything from new horses, to horse show successes, to simple day-to-day excitements.